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If you would like autographed copies, you can email her to request this. Be very careful when ordering her books online from website bookstores that claim to have autographed copies as we have recently learned there may be forgeries out there. Rosemarie will be more than happy to autograph any of her books for you in order to insure you have the real thing!

      Most of what Ms. Bishop writes is based on her personal pet peave over religious wars and cultural separations stemming from religious differences.

      In the Moral Vampire Series she has combined the vampire genre with Catholic priests and angels who accept the goodness that can be found in everyone. Interestingly enough, also involved is a deceased white witch who brings the wiccan beliefs into the mix toward the end of the series.

       In "Noah's Garden", well, that is a book written for young adults and can be easily interpreted as one proceeds throughout the story. Noah's Garden is the most well received book Ms. Bishop has written because it is most appealing to families and is easily understood by society's children as young as ten years old.

     "Mrs. Pope" covers the furthest steps she has taken yet in combining religious and cultural beliefs all for the constant battle between good and evil. All of her efforts are for the sole purpose of delivering a very simple message: Embrace each other's diversity and work together for the Greater Good.

     "A Brother's Love" is the latest book in Ms. Bishop's repertoire.  Once again, she has shown how events in other dimensions affect life here in the physical and how our own strengths or weaknesses are what attracts energy to either our demise or our salvation.

If you still have questions after browsing through the many pages that can be accessed from this main page, please feel free to email Ms. Bishop and....... simply....... ask. She welcomes letters, questions, and contact with those who are interested in and familiar with all that she does.